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Champion-PTAC Wall Sleeve – Problems Solved


  • Champion-PTAC Condensate Drain Pan. Manufactured from high strength ABS the Champion-PTAC Condensate Pan is the first and only of its kind. Back by our lifetime guarantee our Champion Condensate Drain Pan will not rust out, corrode, or degrade for any reason. Combine that with its ability to withstand uncharacteristic amounts of condensation makes our product truly unique and will save contractors and hotel owners alike tremendous amounts of time and expensive repairs costs associated with mold, mildew and property water damage that are eminent failures modes of all other PTAC wall sleeve systems.




  • Champion-PTAC ¾ “Quick Connect Drain Assembly. Our 3/4” Quick Connect Drain Assembly is simple and extremely easy to install. Unlike our competition that requires drilling, PVC glue and other specialty tools to install our flexible re-enforced PVC tubing with push on fittings makes any installing quick, easy, and guaranteed leak free.




  • Unlike all our competition, Champion-PTAC Pellet Delivery System eliminates costly maintenance and room down-time by eliminating the need to remove the PTAC unit for condensate pan cleanings as our pellets are introduced to the unit through our proprietary and patented delivery system. Located on the bottom right corner of the sleeve, anti-coagulant pellets are introduced into the wall sleeve guaranteeing that system build up will not compromise the drainage system. In addition to the AC pellets, Champion Air Freshener Pellets can also be easily applied through this delivery system, eliminating any unpleasing smells that may arise from daily use.

Problems with Traditional Wall Sleeves

  • All PTAC Wall sleeve drain pans hold water, 24/7 (no slope) creating a breeding ground for bacteria, unpleasant smells and inevitable condensate leaks that are all eminent failures of every traditional wall sleeves in a little as a few days or weeks of operation.


  • The vast majority of PTAC Drain pans are made of galvanized steel and will rust out over time. Manufacturers of galvanized wall sleeves recommend their sleeves to be replaced every 10 years depending on geographical location and usage. In some cases, we have witnessed sleeves rusting out and in need of replacement in less than a year with the use of corrosive AC drain pellets and improper installation creating excessive stagnant water conditions. All these problems are imminent failure modes of traditional PTAC wall sleeves.


  • Current Wall sleeves use drain orifices that are 7/16” ID and in most cases require holes to be drilled into the base creating condensate leaks again from improper installation. In addition, to the complex time-consuming installations, new 2021 building code specifies a minimum of 3/4” condensate drain lines throughout the entire condensation drainage system. Again, another reason why traditional PTAC wall sleeves have become obsolete and will become a topic of conflict with insurance claims from condensate leaks and replacements costs associated with the traditional PTAC wall sleeve.


  • Current Sleeves on the market recommend quarterly maintenance requiring two technicians to remove 130 + lb. PTAC AC unit to clean the wall sleeve drain assembly and pan. This is also the only way to introduce anti-coagulants into the system. Approx. 1-3 hrs. per unit creating unnecessary Room DT and increased maintenance costs associated with all existing wall sleeves.